Saturday, February 12, 2011


Thanks for all the support everybody! And now to keep you interested I present you with a video -

Yes, you just saw exactly what you think you saw.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Who are we really?

We live in a world fabricated by everything we observe and experience from our own perspective. Everything and everybody we come into contact with has the potential to change our knowledge of our surroundings, our personalities, and emotions at any given time. Let's ask ourselves a very provocative question: If we actually wanted to, what does it take to change us completely at a genuine level? Does the core of us ever really change or is it just an external masking of how we interact with our perception of reality? What I'm proposing is that perhaps maybe people are afraid of changing themselves for the better through fear of inauthenticity. Maybe the reason we're so afraid of changing ourselves is that deep down we know we're still the same and on the outside it may even seem genuine, but internally we're only programming ourselves to abide by external stimuli that condition us. All of this leads to one massive realization: Are we really as in control of own lives as we think?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mystery Incorporated...The K9 Terminator

Everybody remembers what Cartoon Network used to be, you would turn it on and you'd see Dexter's Laboratory and scream like a little girl because frankly, that show irrefutably kicks ass. You'd keep watching and then BAM, fucking Powerpuff Girls comes on and you don't even give a shit because you love that show and don't care who thinks you're, well, a little fruity for liking it. Everybody remembers coming home from school and turning on Cartoon Network and being greeted by Toonami. Yeah, you remember that shit. Dragonball Z? Reboot? Sailor Moon? Nobody from my generation can look back at what Toonami used to be and not have nostalgia start flowing from your pores like a fucking fire hydrant, to do so would be denying your childhood.

Anyways, let's move on and see what we're working with in the new world of Mystery Incorporated.

Original Video

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the new Scooby Doo series, but seriously, excuse me? So many things are leaving me confused after seeing this. This entire scene is one small fuck-up away from being a reaaaaaaaallllllllly gory K9-Terminator  pseudo-Robot Chicken scene. And where the hell is Jigsaw during all this, don't you think he'd be a little pissed off that Scooby Doo is riding around in his warehouse fucking his shit up with a forklift?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Online Networking and Social Phobia - Technological Evolution (srsmode engaged)

Alright well, complete change of pace from the last couple of posts as I actually want you to think about this and hear your opinions and thoughts on the matter. Also, completely ironic to be talking about this on a blog. :P

We live in an evolving society that provides victims of social phobia to function entirely in their home through technology. You can order groceries online, go to school online, work online, and even submerge yourself into massive virtual worlds. Most victims of social phobia crave social interaction just as much or more than those who do not suffer from it. As a result, many of them turn to the online world of social networking where they’re free of face-to-face social interactions but can still satisfy the need to communicate with others. This creates an illusion of relief from social phobia but rather it worsens the anxiety of face-to-face social interactions as the person is exposed to them less and less. Once they’re placed in a face-to-face social interaction, the same self-critical fears about themselves being subjected to others' judgments will arise again, and possibly worse than before due to being withdrawn from interactions. One might ask what this means for an evolving society where face-to-face social interaction can be limited so severely. What does this mean for future generations where people can nearly be raised entirely in isolation and through the internet? Never before has this been possible until the last decade, where technological advances have brought us the possibility of living almost entirely socially virtual lives. Does this mean people will inherently become more and more afraid of face-to-face social interaction as social networking through the internet becomes more dominant? One might look at this information and wonder what the next fifteen to twenty years might hold and if the traditional means of social interaction could change altogether in a world where social phobia becomes more severe and rampant.

This is a small part of my psychology paper from last semester which I never really got to discuss with anybody and I'm truly interested in what you all think about this. Also, thanks for all the support!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Conscientious Pisser

Is it just me? Am I the only one who reeeeeeally overthinks how much noise I'm going to make anytime I go to take a piss and there's somebody around that might possibly hear me? I mean, God forbid anybody actually knows I worry about that. But moving on, what provokes the mentality that it's not alright to just blast away at the toilet water with piss, and hell...why is it not okay throw a few grunts in there to really prove how manly I am? The only thing gayer or more embarrassing than admitting this, except shaving my legs (sorry swimmers, that shit's just REALLY gay - sorry gay people, I don't actually mean to insult you))))), is the fact that the thought of sitting down full-time has slipped into my mind on occasion. Sitting down full time? Yes, maybe it is the perfect solution. But also, could I live with myself knowing that anytime somebody does something completely ridiculous, I've already preemptively one-upped them on the fag-scale? Again, sorry gay people. But anyways, I can't be alone, there has to be more self-conscience pissers out there, there must be some sort of help out there for us.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Facebook play-by-play

You know exactly what I'm talking about. The person that gives the exact play-by-play of their day. You know when this person eats, shits, sleeps, and when their genital warts are bothering them. You know the last time they brushed their teeth, washed their hands, masturbated, showered, and can probably recall what they ate for breakfast for at least the past three days. You have to take time to realize you can't even remember what the fuck you ate for breakfast today, let alone yesterday.  You know when he or she is sad and happy, single or in a relationship, and have barely a clue who the fuck this person actually is nor can you really recall how they ended up on your Facebook in the first place but you seem to know more about this person's life than you probably know about your own mother. Seriously, if you want everybody to know exactly what you're doing every minute of your life start a blog so your parents or boss can choose whether they actually want to read about your latest wet dream or how fucking blasted you are on narcotics.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why the hell do little kids just stare at you?

You're at the grocery store, in line, minding your own business, and get the great displeasure of being behind "that kid". This kid seriously doesn't give a shit, she is so fucking fascinated with you that she literally does not want to look at anything else for the remainder of the time that she spends in the store. Then you start to wonder about all the possible reason this kid could be staring at you. Is your fly open? Did you step in dog shit? Is there a cum stain on your shirt from when you were recklessly fapping earlier that day? At this point you've probably gone cross-eyed and look completely fucking retarded and the parents are now giving you a weird look. In fact, by the time you leave the store, this little creep probably knows your face better than you yourself ever could and the parents think you're a creepy ass pedophile. I never know what the hell to do, is it even appropriate to say something? Am I supposed to do a trick? What does she want? Seriously, this shit is absolutely creepy and it's guaranteed to happen nearly every time you visit the grocery store.